A Night at the Races

Yeah, this looks like the start of a clip from World's Most Amazing Videos. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there weren't any exploding cars.

At the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself that I’d get out more and check out interesting things happening in and around Manchester. A few days ago I had an email from my mate asking if I was up for watching stock car racing at Bellevue Stadium, a few miles outside the city centre in east Manchester. I’m not a huge petrolhead but I do like cars and thought this would be a top opportunity to do something different.

For £12 entry fee you got to watch a few different classes of stock cars, bangers and even Reliant Robins (I’m not shitting you) gun frantically round the oval track and, more often than not, smash into each other and create all kinds of automotive chaos. You can watch from outside or sit inside (no extra cost) and even have a wander round the pits, look at the cars and chat to the racers about how cramped and sparse the inside of every car is.

This smashed-up Reliant Robin won it's race. It actually looked like this before the race even started!

If you’re into cars and fancy doing something different in Manchester this is well worth a visit. For details of the next racing night have a gander at the Star Trax site: http://www.startrax.info/


3 responses to “A Night at the Races

  1. Ooh, stock car races! Haven’t been since I was a kid, you’ve rekindled my love for carnage! hehe

    • It’s seriously fun stuff! I can’t honestly say I’ve ever watched anything as funny and fascinating as a smashed-to-shit Reliant Robin flying round a dirt-track with flames roaring from its exhaust 🙂

  2. I remember watching stock/banger in Bolton years and years ago. They even had car + caravan races. Pretty awesome!

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